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FitKoh Thailand
Welcome Packet 2023

Thanks again for your booking with FitKoh & Lionheart!
We're excited to have you train with us and can't wait to make your time at the camp become a truly memorable experience!

Welcome to FitKoh Tropical Fitness Camp on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, Thailand.

We are excited to have you here and to share your journey to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.


+66 93 683 49 20

The WIFI Password is Fitness23

The WIFI Password BEACH BUNGALOW is Fitness2023


FitKoh prides itself on welcoming individuals from all different walks of life. Our gym is free of ego and focuses on motivating and empowering everyone to reach their own individual fitness goals. We offer tailored packages catering to various objectives such as weight loss, muscle building, martial arts, and yoga.

Aside from exercise, we value social interaction among our members. Building connections with fellow gym-goers provides a support system, an opportunity to explore the island and to make memories with friends.

We recommend reading this pamphlet and keeping it handy to ensure you have a pleasant stay with us. Our local team is also here to assist you and provide you with the best possible experience.

Setting your goals and objectives

At our facility, your success is in your hands. We will support you and offer tools to reach your objectives and our positive and supportive environment fosters growth. However, you must take ownership of your progress by attending classes, giving it your all during workouts, adhering to nutritional plans should you be assigned one, and following the guidance of our trainers.

Setting goals in fitness involves identifying specific, measurable, and time-bound objectives that help you focus on what you want to achieve in terms of health and wellness. These goals might range from weight loss, muscle gain, metabolic endurance, or mastering a new exercise technique. We are here to support you in your success. The process of setting and achieving fitness goals can be life-changing and provide a sense of direction, motivation, and accomplishment, as well as improve overall physical and mental well-being.

If you are on one of our structured meal plans, please inform us of any dietary requirements, as we strive to ensure that you enjoy your food. Following structured meal plans and maintaining a balanced diet is crucial to achieving optimal results. We strongly encourage honesty with yourself and our coaches regarding your food intake to attain the best possible outcome. Please also raise any relevant injuries or medical conditions.

Measuring your progress

While body-weight and BMI can be useful predictors of overall health, please do not simply focus on the scale! Depending on your activity level, food intake, sweating, and other factors, your body weight can vary dramatically on any given day. Also, remember that you are likely building muscle while participating in our programs, so it is not a purely subtractive process.

We recommend four ways of monitoring and measuring your physical changes. Our team will advise you on the frequency for these practices. First, a photo is worth a thousand words. Take front, back and profile shots of yourself as you start your journey and along the way. Second, if you use a scale, measure your weight with minimal clothing in the morning after you relieve yourself and before you eat or drink breakfast. Third, use a measuring tape to detect change in key areas and write down the results. If you are working on losing fat in your mid-section or building muscle in your legs, take measurements of these areas.

Finally, we highly recommend getting a body scan when you arrive and when you depart. We partner with Body Sculpt Samui to have easy access to a world-class infrared scanning device to provide quantitative measures of your body changes. We provide this in all of our body transformation packages, but we encourage everyone to schedule a consultation and accurately measure your progress and results. You can find out more about the body scans at or on their instagram account at @bodysculptsamui.

What should you expect on arrival?

Day 1 - What to do and what to expect on arrival

  • Pickup from the airport - this can be arranged through our team in advance of your arrival
  • Tour of the gym and facilities, either prior to or after checking into your room
  • Depending on your package
  • Consultation with trainer (Monday - Saturday)
  • Nutrition requirements and food plan
  • Interests in group classes
  • Personal training
  • Injuries, concerns, accommodations.
  • Optional Before and After - Body scan

Please note: depending on what month you arrive, weather conditions can vary greatly. Expect to take up to one week to adjust to the climate.

FitKoh Guidelines

  • Refrain from smoking in the vicinity of the gym and restaurant areas.
  • Outdoor shoes are not permitted inside the gym.
  • Please maintain a peaceful atmosphere during yoga classes.
  • Avoid leaving gym clothes, towels, or equipment on the tables or benches in the restaurant.
  • Kindly use a gym towel during workouts and wipe down equipment after use.
  • We request you leave the gym tidy, returning weights and equipment to designated locations.
  • For the safety of our patrons, please use antibacterial gel and soap to minimise the spread of germs.
  • It is recommended that you wash your workout clothes after every session.
  • To avoid plumbing issues, please refrain from disposing of tissue or any other items down the toilet. In Thailand, the hose is used for sanitary cleaning, while the tissue is for drying and discarded in the bin.
  • Kindly refrain from taking towels from your room for gym or beach use. These towels are intended for in-room use only.

All prices at FitKoh are in Thai baht and are subject to 7% VAT and a 5% service charge. The service charge is paid to our staff as an add on to their salaries.

FitKoh Cafes

FitKoh features two cafes: one within the gym premises and the other across from the beach bungalows.

These cafes operate on different schedules, and all FitKoh cafes are closed on Sundays.

Gym Cafe hours: 07:00 - 16:30 Monday through Saturday
Beach Cafe hours: 07:00 - 19:30 Monday through Saturday

The Beach Cafe serves breakfast from 7:00 am, the Gym Cafe serves breakfast from 8:00 am; on Tuesdays and Thursdays during 07:00 yoga, the Beach Cafe staff will prepare no orders to avoid disturbing the class.

Additionally, the Beach Cafe closes between 15:00 - 16:30, Monday to Friday, to prepare for the dinner service. On Saturdays, the last orders for the Beach Cafe are at 14:30, and for the Gym Cafe are at 16:00.

We host a group BBQ at the Beach Cafe on Saturdays to celebrate our weekly achievements. The food is buffet-style, and the menu is typically shared on Friday through our “FitKoh Here and Now” WhatsApp group chat.

We kindly request all attendees to confirm their attendance through the chat to help us make proper food arrangements, although walk-ins are also welcome. The buffet is included in all meal plans, while outside guests are charged 300thb++.

Our menu and shakes are free from added sugars or syrups, and we make our own yogurt, granola, and fruit compote. We have various vegetarian and vegan meal options available, and upon request, our chefs can add chickpeas to any dish. Please remember that apart from Body Transformation clients, our food plans do not include shakes, juices, soft drinks, coffees or protein shakes, and any additional items must be paid for at checkout or once a month.

We do not sell bottled water to promote sustainability and reduce plastic waste. Instead, we provide complimentary drinking water for guests who bring refillable bottles. Guests can find the refill station at the restaurant and gym.

We always strive to provide the best possible service to our clients, and we would appreciate your feedback on your experience. If there are things we can improve on, please let us know. Otherwise, a review on Google or Tripadvisor would be greatly appreciated.

Fitkoh - Google:
Fitkoh - TripAdvisor:

Lionheart - Google:
Lionheart - TripAdvisor:

Photography and social media
Given that this tropical haven is open to the public, it is customary to witness individuals taking pictures and videos of themselves and their companions' journeys. Additionally, we occasionally collaborate with professional photographers to capture promotional content.

Being a business in the age of social media, it is imperative that we promote ourselves; you might have discovered FitKoh through social media too! If you choose to share your progress on social media, kindly tag @fitkohthailand and use the #fitkoh hashtag, so we can showcase your journey on our platforms. Your triumphs and achievements can encourage others to improve their health and lifestyles.

If you prefer not to be photographed or featured on social media, please inform our staff, and we will of course respect your wishes. In the event that a guest takes your picture, we recommend politely informing them of your preferences.

Group classes
We offer various group classes across multiple disciplines and difficulty levels. Feel free to join us for any of these classes and discuss with the instructor your goals. You do not need to sign up for these ahead of time, but be sure to sign the class register if you are a drop-in or on a managed fitness program. The register is normally provided before the class commences on a clipboard by one of the FitKoh staff. Please ask if you cannot find it, as it is essential to monitor class attendance levels.

Muay Thai boxing classes and drills
Muay Thai is a martial art that originated in Thailand and is known as "the art of eight limbs." It involves using eight points of contact - punches, kicks, elbows, and knees - to strike opponents. Muay Thai training consists of conditioning exercises, drills to improve technique and speed, and partner sparring. Please note, our training is not aggressive, and the beginner-friendly workout offers a fun and full-body exercise experience. Besides being used for self-defence and competition, Muay Thai is a popular form of exercise as it provides a full-body workout that improves cardiovascular health, builds muscle, and improves overall fitness.

Yoga is a practice that originated in ancient India and is designed to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It is a low-impact exercise that aids in burning calories and toning muscles. Our classes involve a combination of physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques to improve flexibility, balance, strength, and relaxation. It also helps stretch and release tension from the joints and hard-worked muscles. People of all ages and fitness levels can practise yoga.

Monday and Friday are typically Yin Yoga, while Tuesday through Thursday is Hatha Vinyasa Yoga practice. Yin yoga is a slow-paced style with postures held for more extended periods, typically 1 to 5 minutes, allowing for a deep stretch and increased flexibility in the body's connective tissues while promoting mindfulness and relaxation. Hatha Vinyasa Yoga is a style of yoga that combines slow and steady movements (Hatha) with flowing sequences of poses (Vinyasa) to promote balance, strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, a type of workout alternating short high-intensity exercise with brief recovery periods. During the high-intensity intervals, the individual pushes themselves to work at maximum effort, elevating the heart rate and burning more calories in a shorter period. HIIT workouts are designed to be intense and challenging, but trainers and guests can modify them to suit various fitness levels. As a result, they are an effective way to improve cardiovascular health, increase endurance, and burn fat.

TRX training is a form of suspension training using specialised equipment known as the TRX Suspension Trainer. It consists of two adjustable straps with handles that can be anchored to a fixed point to allow for a wide range of bodyweight exercises. TRX exercises use gravity and the individual's body weight to provide resistance. By adjusting the angle of the body and the straps, the intensity of the workout can be increased or decreased. As a result, TRX training is a versatile form of exercise that can be adapted for all fitness levels and goals, from improving strength and flexibility to increasing muscle endurance and burning calories.

FitKoh’s abs class consists of exercises designed to burn fat, strengthen core muscles, and tone abdominals. Exercising the abdominal muscles can help improve core strength and stability, posture, and balance. Strong abs can also support the lower back, reducing the risk of injury and pain. In addition, abdominal exercises can help to tone and define the muscles in the midsection, leading to a more toned and defined appearance. Our weekly ab workouts can also help to improve overall fitness by increasing muscular endurance and burning calories. Lastly, ab exercises can improve functional movement, making everyday activities more manageable and comfortable.

Our glute class will strengthen and tone the largest muscle in your body. This class can help improve overall lower body strength and power, improving athletic performance and making everyday activities easier. Strong glutes can also improve posture and reduce the risk of lower back pain and injury. In addition, targeted glute exercises can help to tone and shape the muscles in the buttocks, leading to a more defined and lifted appearance. Strong glutes can improve balance and stability, particularly during lower-body movements like squats, lunges, and running. Finally, this class can help to improve overall body composition by burning calories and building lean muscle mass.

Metabolic conditioning training (MetCon) is a high-intensity exercise that builds cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and muscular strength. Our training involves performing exercises targeting multiple muscle groups, with minimal rest periods between sets to exhaust the body and improve endurance. In addition, the trainer will be on hand to actively correct your form to protect you from injuries. The goal of metabolic conditioning is to increase the body's metabolic rate, which helps to burn calories and improve overall fitness. Our training will use various equipment, such as kettlebells, medicine balls, and bodyweight exercises. Some examples of metabolic conditioning exercises include burpees, mountain climbers, and box jumps. Talk to our trainer before the workout, as we can tailor our Metabolic conditioning workouts to suit individual fitness levels and goals, making it a versatile and effective exercise.

Group Hikes and Runs
We offer several opportunities for group hikes and two five-kilometre weekly runs. These events suit all fitness levels and provide various health benefits, such as improving cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, enhancing mental health, and offering a chance to explore Koh Samui's natural beauty. Talk to the trainer before departing to determine the difficulty and any special accommodations we can provide.

Individual personal training
Personal training, or PT, involves a one-on-one session with one of our team of fitness professionals who will create a bespoke program for you based on your fitness level and personal goals. They will also offer motivation and support to help you achieve your desired results.

How to book a Personal Training Session
We offer personal training sessions for strength, conditioning, Muay Thai, and yoga. Some of our programs provide several individual training sessions per week, and you can book additional one-to-one sessions if you like. Drop-ins or programs that don’t include personal training can also schedule and purchase sessions.

Contact the staff at reception to book a Muay Thai or strength and conditioning personal training session. Generally, we recommend booking a day in advance, but it may be possible to book on the same day, depending on the availability of trainers.

To schedule personal yoga training sessions, guests can speak with the yoga instructor during daily classes or contact Bonnie via phone or WhatsApp at +66 85 790 3409, who will coordinate to arrange the sessions.

Personal Training Cancellation Policy
  • All cancellations and rescheduling must be made directly with the personal trainer or reception office.
  • Clients must provide at least 12 hours notice to cancel a personal training session. Clients who cancel a session less than 12 hours in advance will be charged the full session fee.
  • In the case of long-term illness or injury, clients can suspend their training sessions at no charge. However, please note that training sessions are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • Clients who consistently cancel or reschedule sessions may be subject to additional charges or may be dropped from the personal training program.

FitKoh offers guests the convenience of scheduled on-site heated oil or Thai massage. These massages can improve circulation, increase range of motion, reduce muscle soreness, and aid injury prevention and workout recovery. You can sign up on a first-first-serve basis at reception to book a session. For precise communication, you can optionally provide specific injuries, discomfort, or pains on our written form. Please ensure to shower prior to your massage. For optimal results, it is advised to avoid massage directly before and directly after exercising.

To book a massage, you can sign up at reception or book via our reception WhatsApp.

Training equipment
While staying with us, you may need to buy Muay Thai hand wraps, boxing gloves, and other gear. You can find these items and more at the gym reception office. Our staff will be happy to help you choose the right equipment to meet your needs, so don't hesitate to ask for assistance.

Personal health and safety

At FitKoh, we take hydration very seriously. Water regulates body temperature, transports nutrients and oxygen to cells, removes waste products, and lubricates joints. Electrolytes are minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium that help regulate the body's fluid balance, nerve and muscle function, and pH levels. During physical activity in hot and humid environments, the body loses water and electrolytes through sweat. This can lead to an imbalance of electrolytes in the body, which can cause muscle cramps, weakness, and even cardiac arrest in severe cases.

Therefore, staying hydrated and replenishing electrolytes during physical activity are essential at FitKoh. If you are taking multiple classes during the day, we recommend four litres of water daily. In addition, we provide electrolyte packets at both of our cafes. It is also essential to consume a balanced diet with foods that contain electrolytes, such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts.
Heat, humidity, and apparel

Temperature and humidity can vary greatly in Koh Samui, depending on the season. When exercising in hot and humid environments, it's essential to wear appropriate clothing to keep you comfortable and allow you to move freely. Here are some recommendations for athletic apparel at Fitkoh.

  • Choose lightweight and breathable fabrics, such as polyester or nylon blends, that can wick away sweat and moisture.
  • When running in direct sunlight, opt for light-coloured clothing, as dark colours absorb heat and make you feel warmer.
  • Consider loose-fitting clothing that allows airflow and doesn't cling to your body.
  • Look for clothing with mesh panels or ventilation to enhance breathability.
  • Avoid cotton clothing as it tends to absorb sweat and can become heavy and uncomfortable.
  • Wear a sweatband or a hat to keep sweat out of your eyes and protect your face from the sun.
  • Wear sunscreen and sunglasses to protect your skin and eyes from the sun's harmful rays.
  • During raining season (July - October), we suggest water-proof, light-weight jackets and coverings. Please note that heavy rain can occur for periods throughout the year.

Selecting suitable clothing can help you stay comfortable while safely testing your limits. Remember that shirts are available for purchase at the gym reception office. Should you need it, you can also order clothing and equipment online at

Rest and recovery
Sleep is essential for muscle recovery because, during sleep, the body repairs and rebuilds damaged muscle tissues, replenishes energy stores, and produces vital hormones necessary for muscle growth and repair. Additionally, lack of sleep can lead to increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can contribute to muscle breakdown and hinder muscle recovery. We recommend sleeping seven to eight hours and trying to nap between morning and evening sessions if possible.

As mentioned earlier, massage is important to muscle recovery as it can help increase blood flow, which delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. This increased circulation can also help to remove metabolic waste products that can build up in the muscles after exercise. Massage can also help reduce muscle tension and inflammation, improving muscle function and range of motion. Finally, massage can stimulate the release of endorphins, which are natural painkillers, and can promote relaxation and stress reduction, aiding recovery.

We recommend waiting at least two hours between getting a massage and starting a training session to allow the body time to recover and prevent any potential adverse effects on performance.

During dawn and dusk, mosquitoes can be aggressive in Koh Samui, potentially spreading several diseases, some of which cannot be prevented with vaccines or medication. However, you can reduce your risk of mosquito bites by using mosquito spray, which is freely available in our gym and cafes. You can also buy mosquito spray in nearby retail stores. The mosquito sprays containing active ingredients such as DEET, Picaridin (also known as KBR 3023, Bayrepel, and icaridin), Oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE) or para-menthane-diol (PMD), IR3535, and 2-undecanone can be helpful. These products provide varying degrees of protection, and those with higher percentages of active ingredients offer more extended protection.

We have many animals around FitKoh, including birds, dogs, cats, water buffalo, boars, chickens, squirrels, and rodents, to name a few. While most animals avoid humans, they may become aggressive and attack when they feel threatened or are protecting their young or territory. Additionally, injured or ill animals may also pose a risk. Therefore, awareness of the potential dangers of animal bites and scratches is essential, as they can lead to severe diseases such as rabies.

Follow these tips to protect yourself:

  • Do not touch or feed any animals that you are unfamiliar with
  • Do not allow animals to lick open wounds, and do not get animal saliva in your eyes or mouth.
  • Avoid rodents and their urine and faeces.

If you are bitten or scratched by an animal, immediately wash the wound with soap and clean water. Then, alert FitKoh staff and go to a doctor right away. Tell your doctor about your injury when you return home to ensure proper follow-up and monitoring.

If you have any questions about your training or need assistance in an emergency, please feel free to get in touch with the following:

FitKoh Office: +66 (0) 93 683 49 20
Sanya Khunthong: +66 (0) 93 579 6832
Tarn Nakkliang: +66 (0) 87 389 1395

We highly recommend the Samui Home Clinic in Bangrak. It is a 20-minute drive from FitKoh. The clinic is well-equipped with competent medical professionals, including a lead female medical doctor who speaks fluent English. Their website supports online booking and is available seven days a week for general health and injury-related medical services.

Name: Samui Home Clinic
Address: 29/7 Moo 4, Bangrak, Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand, 84320
Landline: +66 (0) 77-937-288
Mobile: +66 (0) 92-278-1988
WhatsApp: +66 92 278 1988
Name: Koh Samui Hospital (public)
Distance: Approximately a 30-minute drive from FitKoh
Address: 60 M. 1 Angthong, Koh Samui, Suratthani 84140
Landline: +66 (0) 77 420 856

Name: Samui International Hospital (private)
Distance: Approximately a 20-minute drive from FitKoh
Address: 90/2 Moo 2, Bophut, Koh Samui, Surat Thani, Thailand, 8432
Landline: +66 (0) 77 422 272

Name: Bandon International Hospital (private)
Distance: Approximately a 20-minute drive from FitKoh
Address: 123/1 Moo 1, Bophut, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84320, Thailand
Landline: +66 (0) 77 332 706
Health Insurance & Vaccinations
We strongly advise that all those who attend and stay at FitKoh ensure they have obtained international health insurance before arriving in Thailand. Vaccination requirements may vary, but you can find some good and updated resources on the following websites.

In a critical health emergency, please dial 1669, the general hotline in Thailand. Upon calling this number, a public ambulance will be dispatched, and the staff is fluent in English.

Other numbers
Directory assistance 1133
Tourist police 1155
Police and general emergencies: 191
Samui rescue (stray animals) 077 421 444
Samui Rescue (ambulance): 077 421 444
Fire Department: 199
Medical emergency 1669
Immigration 076 221 905
Fitkoh and Lionheart Food and Drinks Policy

Fitness Standard Muay Thai Standard Fitness Premium Muay Thai Premium
  • As part of these programs, each guest receives 3 meals per day (up to 18 per week).
  • If a guest does not use all of their allocated meals, their unused items can be redeemed against any deserts, protein shakes, coffees or juices.
  • Unused meals are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • All meals must be used within the duration of the program.

Body Transformation
As part of Body Transformation, each guest receives 3 meals per day (up to 18 per week) and 1 protein shake per day (up to 6 per week).
  • If a guest does not use all of their allocated meals and protein shakes, their unused items can be redeemed against any deserts, protein shakes, coffees or juices.
  • Unused meals are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • All meals and shakes must be used within the duration of the program. frequently asked questions

What counts as a meal?
Any food item listed on our menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Can I have a protein shake or a desert as a meal?
Yes, if you wish you can substitute a meal for a protein shake or a desert.

I haven’t used all of my allocated meals. Can I have a refund or transfer the meal?
No, meals are non-refundable and non-transferable. However, you can use any used meals as a credit to pay for a coffee, tea, juice, shake, desert, coconut, or so.

Please don't hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp +66 93 683 4920 or

WhatsApp Fitkoh

Thanks and see you soon!

FitKoh team.

 FitKoh Thailand Meeting Point Map - location map, fitness camp, Samui