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Meet FitKoh family!
Fitness Trainer
Muay Thai Trainer
With over 200 fights all over the world - from Canada, Africa, to China. He's nicknamed the Beast by our gym owner, Tony – Big will leave you drenched in sweat.
Muay Thai Trainer
He's our youngest trainer but don't underestimate this little man. He's had over 120 fights and is currently the number one ranked fighter on Koh Samui. He'll work you like no other!
Muay Thai Trainer
Brother of the famous Rachadamnern Champion Nong-B Kiatyongyut, Oh was a Muay Thai superstar on national television in Thailand. He may be quiet but hitting pads with Oh is no joke.
Muay Thai Trainer
He's had over 200 fights in some of the biggest stadiums in Bangkok. Cheng started young and you can find his fights all over youtube. You'll see him and his son running around with unbeatable smiles.
Muay Thai Trainer
Started fighting at the age of 8, he's had over 150 fights all over Thailand. He's always cracking jokes, you'll leave a pad session with Kob tired and laughing!
Muay Thai Trainer
Muay Thai Trainer
He's Fought in Rachadamnern and Lumpinee stadiums. Not only that, Kuat has fought in Iran and has experience in MMA cage fights. You'll be kicking like a champ in no time.
Yoga teacher
Alisa was inspired by her first yoga teacher and instantly fell in love with the with yoga's focus on the breath and natural harmony with smooth movements. She believes that through yoga she has embarked upon a wonderful journey of learning and discovery of her true self and this has allowed her to develop this beautiful harmony in mind, body and spirit.
Our hardworking go-to girl. She's here to welcome you to FITKOH and make sure your stay is one to remember. Ask her anything and everything, she can have it arranged. Just look out for her huge smile!
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