FitKoh cafe is located in the tropical paradise of Koh Samui. Our cafe is away from loud roads and parties, combine this with the nature surrounding it and you get the perfect place to relax and eat some healthy food. At our cafe all our meals are designed by a qualified nutritionist and cooked with locally sourced products.  We do not use msg or any additives in our food and use natural coconut oil for cooking.  

FitKoh cafe's menu is perfect for everyone. We have super healthy dishes available for fitness enthusiasts and for people who are following our weight-loss program.Our healthy dishes won't just fulfill your nutrient needs, they will also make you fall in love with being healthy and will ensure that you never again think that eating balanced is eating boring. If you need extra protein after your workout we also got that covered, our cooks will blend up a really nice smoothie of your choice in no time to get that protein in as soon as you want and to feel so satisfied after your hard workout. Doesn't sound right for you ? Well, we also got some unhealthy meals for those who just need that 1 cheat meal or for those who just want to enjoy their time and not worry about fitness for a week.


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