Transform your body with FitKoh's weight loss program on Koh Samui, Thailand. We will provide you with the very best training and nutrition methods to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Get the best out of yourself and become a new, healthier and happier with our motivated and highly qualified personal trainers.

Train hard, eat well, rejuvenate the mind, body and soul in our tropical paradise.


  • 3 x healthy meals per day (Mon - Sat)
  • 3 x Morning Yoga classes per week.
  • Unlimited fitness classes.
  • 1 x Nutrition consultation.
  • 1 x Jungle run per week.
  • 1 x beach training session per week.
  • Unlimited access to our facilities.
  • 1 free tshirt or singlet.

Are you ready to make a change?

Since you are already here, you are most likely looking for a place to change yourself. We are ready to assist you no matter how much weight you've got and what your end goals are. We have many years of experience and are ready to help anyone who is willing to put in time and dedication.

Why FitKoh?

The answer is very simple: we are located in a tropical paradise. You might not think that will have an effect on your weight-loss journey but from our clients experience it has a massive effect. First of all being here in a tropical paradise will make you happy and energized and that will help you massively with motivation. Second of all being away to a new place will open your mind up to new experience allowing you to get adapted to your new life style much easier. Third of all this place is perfect for relaxing and nothing is better than relaxing after a very hard workout. 

How will you achieve your goals?

With this program we will provide you with everything needed to make a change. Your day will have 3 healthy meals provided by FitKoh cafe. Those meals are designed by a certified nutritionist and will provide you with all nutrients you need for recovery and weight-loss. You will get full access to our amazing training facility and all our fitness classes, you can chose the right classes for yourself to make sure you enjoy the journey or you can get a consultation from our trainer and train by yourself, the way you like it. You will also get 3 yoga lessons per week to help you get flexible and prevent any injuries. If this is not enough you will also get beach training and jungle run once per week to get extra cardio in. After your program is over we will also have a consultation with you to help you not put that weight back on and to continue your journey by yourself.



About our personal trainer:

Tony Olin has been working as a fitness professional since 2009. His speciality has been in training professional athletes for the majority of his career.

He qualified as a personal trainer from Irelands leading personal training college in 2012. In 2013 he undertook an additional qualification as a strength and conditioning coach from the reputable Elite Fitness Academy. During the same year he also received certifications in TRX suspension training as well as Kettlebell instruction. In 2016 he completed his already well rounded knowledge by qualifying as a nutrition coach from Precision Nutrition.

On top of that, Tony is also a highly regarded Muay Thai fighter who has competed professionally in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Thailand and Ireland. He is currently ranked no.2 in the 63.5kg weight division.

He is the founder of Lionheart Muay Thai in Dublin, which is the no.1 Muay Thai gym in Ireland and co-founded the Toned & Fit Gym which is one of the leading weight loss gyms in Dublin.



10,500 THB (315 USD)


18,900 THB (570 USD)


31,500 THB (950USD)


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