The VIP package is aimed at guests who want to get the maximum results out of their trip. On top of what regular package offers, this package offers personal training with one of our qualified trainers. Training with a PT will make your weight loss experience much more pleasurable and much much more effective. With hundreds of clients of experience, our trainer knows exactly how to get what you need. He will make a personalized work out plan perfect for your body type and your strength level to make sure you are doing the exercises best for you and not wasting your time. He will be assisting you through out your workout to help you prevent injury and push you with motivation to make it to the end of your workout. 

  • 3 x Personal Training sessions per week

  • 3 x Rejuvinating massage per week

  • 3 x healthy meals per day (Mon - Sat)

  • 3 x Morning Yoga classes per week.

  • Unlimited fitness classes.

  • 1 x Nutrition consultation.

  • 1 x Jungle run per week.

  • 1 x beach training session per week.

  • Unlimited access to our facilities.

  • 1 free tshirt or singlet.

On arrival

Flights directly to Koh Samui are available from Bangkok, Phuket, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur & Singapore. Between Bangkok and Koh Samui there are many daily services run by Bangkok Airways & Thai Airways. Flight time is about 50 minutes.  Alternatively Koh Samui can be reached by ferry from the Thai mainland. 

Chances are you will have had a pretty long flight, but don’t worry we will have a FitKoh representative waiting at the airport for you to meet you off your flight. We will transfer you to your chosen accommodation where you can settle in and relax. We will schedule your personal consultation with one of our health and fitness specialist to discuss your training and nutrition goals. You will also have an introduction at the training facility and tour of the facilities.


Our representative will give you a tour all of the training facilities, introduce you to your trainers and the rest of the group currently training.

The FitKoh training environment is very social so if you are nervous about travelling alone then dont be! 90% of our guests come alone. You will meet people from all around the world and will leave with some new friends. 

Everything is made really easy for you, allowing you to just focus on having a great time, getting fit and having a great holiday.

FitKoh is perfect for everyone

We get people from all walks of life and many different goals attending the camp. Some guests come to lose weight, some come to put on muscle, some come to focus on yoga, some come for martial arts. The one thing every guest has in common is they all come with the goal of improving their health, fitness and lifestyle. We get many couples and groups of friends attending the camp but the vast majority of guests travel solo. The Fitkoh training camp atmosphere is very welcoming, motivating and supportive. Because most guests come by themselves it creates a very social environment. When you attend the camp you are sure to meet new friends from all over the world.

What results can you achieve?

It is difficult to put numbers on expected results because every guest has a different starting level and different goals, however the results we see whilst monitoring our guests programs are extremely positive.

When you combine quality training sessions, nutritious meals and a positive mindset on a paradise island you are guaranteed to get good results.

Ultimately the results you can achieve is up to you, because it depends on how much time you can free up and how committed you are. But if you really want to do it, push yourself into the best shape you have ever been then this is the perfect opportunity, our FitKoh staff are there to support you every step of the way.

What is the difference between weight loss and vip weight-loss program?

With VIP weight-loss program you get a much more personal approach. With this program you get personal training to kick your ass and motivate you through out the workout. Our trainer will make a training program personalized just for you to reach the best results. With this program you also get 3 massage sessions per week, those will assist your recovery and make training the next day much easier.



About our personal trainer:

Tony Olin has been working as a fitness professional since 2009. His speciality has been in training professional athletes for the majority of his career.

He qualified as a personal trainer from Irelands leading personal training college in 2012. In 2013 he undertook an additional qualification as a strength and conditioning coach from the reputable Elite Fitness Academy. During the same year he also received certifications in TRX suspension training as well as Kettlebell instruction. In 2016 he completed his already well rounded knowledge by qualifying as a nutrition coach from Precision Nutrition.

On top of that, Tony is also a highly regarded Muay Thai fighter who has competed professionally in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Thailand and Ireland. He is currently ranked no.2 in the 63.5kg weight division.

He is the founder of Lionheart Muay Thai in Dublin, which is the no.1 Muay Thai gym in Ireland and co-founded the Toned & Fit Gym which is one of the leading weight loss gyms in Dublin.



15,000 THB (Thai Baht)


28,250 THB (Thai Baht)


51,000 THB (Thai Baht)


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