About our location

We are only a few hundred meters from the beautiful Ban Tai beach which is widely considered Samui's no.1 beach and best kept secret by residents of the island. You can enjoy stunning views of Koh Phangan island as you swim in the warm crystal clear water.

You can enjoy a massage on the beach for 300 thb per hour. You will not find crowds of tourist's like you will on some of the better known beach's. If you wake up early you will often find you are the only one on the beach.

There is many tasty Thai and European restaurants to suit all budgets within walking distance of the resort. From luxury beachside European cuisine to simple Thai style roadside cafe's. 

There is a 24hr 7/11 shop located a few hundred meters from the resort. We have motorbike rental, car rental, laundry service, massage and tour booking agency located close by.

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